Language Programs

Early Language Learners offers foreign language instruction specifically designed for elementary and pre-school-age children. Our weekly classes are interactive and fun, exposing students to a new language through music, visuals, art, games and dance.

Parents can enroll their children in Early Language Learners at the beginning of each school semester. We believe that committing to a full semester provides students with a solid foundation, fosters a greater sense of camaraderie in each class and enables a higher level of achievement for all.

We offer small class sizes so that everyone can fully participate. Each of our foreign language teachers has years of experience working with children, and each session provides age-appropriate activities that make learning a joy.

Our curriculum is based on current research that indicates we 'acquire' our second language just as we do our first language -- through context clues. So instead of using direct instruction and rote memorization techniques, Early Language Learners teachers use age-appropriate context clues that truly engage the students. Instructors are trained in using questioning strategies to accommodate students of varying abilities.

Our curriculum is designed to be flexible, enabling teachers to easily adjust the lesson depending on student ability and progress and even extend the curriculum for those students with more fluency. For more about our methodology, click here.

We are expanding the program to other schools and organizations this school year. We can also provide language education programs to church groups, scout troops, home-schoolers and other groups (if minimum enrollment requirements are met). If your school or group is not listed above and you are interested in Early Language Learners, please ask your school administrator, principal, troop leader or group coordinator to contact us.

A special note to school administrators: Early Language Learners will pay a location usage fee if a class is launched at your facility. It's a true win/win for the students and the school!

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